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Wedding Invitation Trends 2022/2023

Find out what the trends are for weddings in 2022/2023 and get inspired.

Choosing the style of your day is part of the story of your wedding. TheColour schemes and themes are the main bases for the wedding stationary and Pergaminho will help you and be a source of inspiration so that you can also understand the trends for the weddings of 2022 and 2023.


Personalising your wedding stationary with a theme, colour scheme or design is always a great idea. This year's trend for a romantic look is to have a monogram with your initials intertwined. To complement this idea, you can opt for a modern and discreet visual style with the monogram adapted to the design of the invitation.


Champagne, fireworks and a touch of gold, big, glamorous parties are a wedding trend for 2022. There are many ways to add sparkle to the big day. Go for gold accessories and bridesmaids' dresses with gold details. It could be a small gold detail using chains on the straps of the dresses or a gold belt to match the rest of the accessories and jewellery. Choose a neutral colour palette and add a touch of gold to make the wedding theme more elegant. Start by choosing white or beige tablecloths with the menus printed on gold paper or with gold print foil gold.



Last year saw an increase in the use of the colour gold and flowers and it's no wonder because they work well together. In 2022, the trend for stationery is focused on floral styles, such as the use of hand-drawn leaves and flowers. In this sense, Pergaminho has developed invitations with a delicate floral illustration to complement this elegant look.



Because they are unique and totally personalised, hand-drawn illustrations are one of the biggest trends for wedding stationery in 2022. The wedding venue becomes even more special when it's drawn and printed on metallised paper. The way the bride and groom will arrive at the venue can also be a good idea for an illustration. Another alternative for an illustration could be the theme of the day, making the entire stationary unique.


Although white will probably always be the most common for wedding invitations, green has become the most requested alternative colour for the invitations we are developing, and various shades can be used, such as mint green, emerald green and olive green. Gold details are perfect for creating a delicate and classic contrast.


White or pearl-coloured wedding invitations are a classic and always in high demand. In 2022, having an elegant and timeless design is a trend for stationery. White or pearl cards are classic choices for the base colour and gold is a shade that is sure to impress your guests.


Although it's a bolder colour, pink is also in fashion when it comes to wedding stationary. Combining pink with white and cream is a great way to create a colour scheme for your special day. For example, you can add subtle details, or opt for watercolour illustrations, making the pieces more subtle. Another option is to decorate the tables and the venue with pink and white field flowers. You could also choose a dry pink envelope for a modern vintage look.


Mixing colours is something we've been working on. From the flowers used in decoration or wedding dresses with floral lace and sparkly details. The stationery is always in harmony with the theme, the outfits and the venue of the wedding by using contrasting colours on invitations, envelopes, menus, place markers, etc. 

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