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6 Envelope Ideas for a Wedding Invitation

Using an envelope makes your invitation more luxurious. Pergaminho will help you understand the different ways to use it.

Receive a wedding invitation is always exciting. The moment the person opens the envelope always has a great positive impact on both the recipient and the person who hands it over and sees the reaction on people's faces. 

Launching the new range of envelopesPergaminho is sharing its favourite and most sensational ideas for making your wedding invitation envelope even more special.

1. Diverse Colour Range

Envelopes are the perfect packaging for wedding invitations, and Pergaminho offers a range of diverse range of colours which fits perfectly with the tones of your invitation, from darker colours like black or navy blue, to bright and pastel colours. For example, if your invitation is white and gold, the navy blue envelope fits in perfectly, giving it the sublime and delicate contrast it deserves. 

Deciding on the colour of the invitation envelope can be simpler once you've made the final decision on how your invitation will look. You can also combine all the stationary with the colour you've chosen for the envelope.

2. Printing on the Envelope

Envelope printing is an elegant choice for decorating your envelopes. The printing can be inside or outside, it can be a solid color, a pattern or even text or a date. The decoration on your envelopes reflects what's inside and tells you much more than simply identifying the bride and groom. 

3. Inside the Envelopes

Imagine your guests eagerly opening your wedding invitation envelope, smiling with delight as they are greeted by an unexpected splash of color. Printing the inside of envelopes is an excellent way to give an elegant and personalized finish the moment the guest opens the envelope. 

4. Lacquer finish

Seal an envelope with wax seal is the most elegant way to give your invitation a personalized and timeless look. You can personalize the seal with a monogram, date or even a symbol related to your wedding theme. 

The seal is applied manually using a stamp that marks the wax, it can be colored and is usually produced in a round shape. 

5. Wires or ropes

The use of a string or rope can be a practical solution for closing your envelope. Twine is a solution for attaching labels, flowers and other elements to decorate envelopes. 

Twine, rope or natural satin are some of the trends you can also use. These objects give your wedding invitation envelope a personalized touch.

6. Burlap Envelopes

This envelope is a sustainable and ecological piece that, in addition to having a more rustic look, fits in perfectly with the use of wooden invitations or textured paper... It was also the choice of actress and influencer Catarina Gouveia and the result is wonderful once applied with a natural flower and a thread. 

Joana Mendes

The wedding is one of the most important moments and as such deserves all the effort and dedication.

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