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The importance of the bride's diary

Agenda da noiva cor de roza com palavras em foil dourado e fita branca


If you're about to start planning your wedding, you'll certainly feel that it's not an easy task, there are lots of points to be dealt with and all of them deserve the utmost attention to detail to make the task of organisation easier. Nowadays, the use of a bride's diary has not only been a trend, but also an asset.

With this plannerYou can organise ideas, write down all the information you need and even write down all the quotes you've asked for so that you can make comparisons and make the right choice in a very organised way. When it comes to buying Wedding Planner pay attention to its composition and it is very important that it has everything you need for good organisation and management.

What are the most important points in your Wedding Planner?



The wedding is a very important and personal day, so it should be planned with the utmost care, and there's nothing better to help you plan it than a wedding planner. One of the most important things to look for in the Wedding Planner is that it has space for you to put all the important details such as the bride and groom's names, the wedding venue, the time, the guest list and much more. This planner will become a valuable souvenir to remember this important day.



When it comes to guests, it's important that no-one is left out and there's no better way than to create a list of all the people you want to invite. Yes, this space is also present in our bride's diary, so you can make a detailed list of all the guests and even make important notes about each one, such as dietary restrictions, etc.



Another crucial point that the bride's diary should contain is the fields relating to table seating arrangements.

In the planner developed by Pergaminho, we've created a scheme that will solve one of the biggest difficulties to be encountered throughout the preparation of a dream day. The ideal place for each special person.



In order to optimise the budget you have available for your wedding, you'll need to ask for several quotes from suppliers, farms and others.

A list of all the budgets and everything that has already been paid for is every bride's dream and now it's a reality with ours Wedding PlannerThis space allows you to compare prices, payment terms and always be aware of the limit you have to spend on each aspect of your wedding.



All the information about the suppliers you've researched should be organised so that you can make comparisons and add your personal observations and notes. In our planner, as well as having all these important fields, we've also added a space for you to create your own mood boards so that you can be sure that your suppliers' offers match exactly what you were looking for.


A timeline é sem dúvida uma das mais valias da agenda da noiva. Vai permitir-lhe esclarecer ideias e explicar de uma forma mais completa daquilo que são os passos a seguir no tempo certo, o que é essencial quando está a planear o seu casamento. É muito fácil perder-se na organização com tantos detalhes e tantos pontos que precisam de ser tratados. Na hora de manter a organização a timeline é definitivamente um aliado.


It is important that your planner contain a diary, so you can mark all the important appointments and meetings when planning the wedding, with 12 months in advance you mustn't forget any points when organising the planner. Our planner contains a monthly diary that doesn't commit to the year in question, as the days and months are filled in by the bride and groom.



In the midst of so many thoughts and questions, it's easy to forget some ideas. So that you don't get lost or forget something important, the Planner by Pergaminho has a few pages of notes on almost every tab so you can write freely.


Consisting of more than 100 pages divided into categories using tabs, this is the planner which will be your guide to organising the perfect wedding, is also commonly known as the bride's diary. Compact and practical, it's easy to carry in your suitcase when preparing for your wedding.


This planner will accompany you at all times and contains enough space to write down all the information you need, notes, ideas, dreams and even the quotes you've requested so that you can make the right choice in a simple and organised way.

It has a few fields where you can stick photos of yourselves, inspirational images and all the tasks you'll need to complete before the big day. It's very sturdy, has a soft-touch cover and is personalised with a gold foil print and gold corners, making it very pretty and elegant, and closes with a white elastic band.


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The wedding is one of the most important moments and as such deserves all the effort and dedication. If you still have doubts and need help, contact us, schedule a meeting so I can help you.

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