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Wax seals: When and how to use them?

When to use the wax seal and when not to use it

The use of seals to seal an envelope or just decorate a card always raises a few questions, starting with whether or not to use them, then wondering how to use them or even where to apply them. Pergaminho will tell you everything you need to know about seals.

Wax seals can be used to personalise objects in a classic and elegant way, such as cards, invitations, envelopes and more. These can be personalised with a monogram, a design or even a date that makes the most sense to you.
Sealing envelopes can be a way of giving them a refined look.

The use of wax seals gives modern style a touch of the past. Since the Middle Ages and throughout history, we have seen seals used on documents and letters of great importance.

The use of wax seals is currently in vogue and has regained its strength. Seals are generally used in wedding invitations and other events, in gifts and other objects.
The stamps can be customised and are engraved using a mechanical process. An important detail to take into consideration is the level of detail of what you want to engrave because very fine details and fine lines can be lost in the process.

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