Sara & Zé Artur

Palacete Dona Maria, Amarante — Agosto, 2022

Joana Mendes

The wedding is one of the most important moments of your life and, as such, deserves all the effort and dedication.

If you still have questions and need help, please contact us. I'm happy to help.

Sara and Zé Artur chose to use a floral design for their wedding invitations with a floral design using mainly olive leaves. The splash of color done in watercolor adds an artistic touch, while the gold lettering adds an elegant touch and helps the most important text stand out.
The monogram with frame is the main element of this invitation that gives the invitations personality.
All these details combined create a truly unique and memorable wedding invitation.
In addition to the invitations, we kept the wedding's visual identity alive by applying it to other wedding items, such as the rice bags/flower petals, the book of honor, the wedding souvenirs, which in this case were a deck of cards, among others. This allowed us to create a cohesive and elegant look for all wedding-related items, making this day even more special and unforgettable.

Design styleFloral invitations
Type of paperCotton paper
ExtrasFoil Dourado, Lacre Dourado