Quinta do Cisne — Agosto, 2021

Convite de casamento de estilo floral branco com pétalas verdes e um envelope branco com lacre verde
Convites de casamento brancos de estilo floral com pétalas verdes e envelopes brancos com lacres verdes
Marcador de lugar branco com pétalas verdes
cartões de agradecimento brancos de estilo floral com pétalas verdes
Estacionário de casamento de estilo floral branco com folhas num fundo verde

Joana Mendes

The wedding is one of the most important moments and as such deserves all the effort and dedication.

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Choosing the perfect wedding invitation is not always an easy task, there are so many styles of wedding invitations that it can lead to some confusion. A good way to choose and make sure your wedding invitation is the right and original one is to be guided by your personality as a couple and what makes you feel good. If you need inspiration, you can look for ideas, here's a good example. The couple Beatriz and Vicente have a strong connection with nature and opted for a complete stationary, starting with a unique floral-style wedding invitation with a personalized sealed envelope and thank you cards so that guests can write messages of thanks. At the moment of decision, questions may arise such as: what does a floral-style wedding invitation consist of? There are countless ways to make a perfect floral invitation, but in this case it consists of a wedding invitation with a floral watercolor, highlighted by loose leaves and the love of nature that unites and congratulates them. It's a personalized wedding invitation, complemented by similarly romantic stationery that reminds us of the blossoming of spring. It's a great idea for a romantic wedding invitation.
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DataAugust 23, 2021
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