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Which Season is Right for Your Wedding?

One way to choose between the many wedding themes that exist is to base it on the time of the ceremony or on a nearby festival.
The seasons of the year are great for getting inspiration for the themes of your wedding invitations. One example is the use of floral invitations, which are becoming more and more of a trend, especially in seasons like spring and summer. It doesn't really matter which season you choose, they all have their advantages and are perfect in their own way.
Choose the season of the year that you like best and that most identifies with your relationship.

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Summer wedding

Let's start with the summer season, a season that those of us who love it can't do without long, hot days, walks on the beach and watching the sunset at the end of the day.
Fresh, light colors are very successful for summer wedding decorations, guaranteeing a cheerful, pleasant, inviting atmosphere, typical of the season!
We recommend that you use a lighter theme, using some elements that are reminiscent of the season, such as the beach. Consequently, the design of the wedding invitation should be as simple as possible, once again making reference to the warm days.
As for other wedding decorations, during the summer there is the advantage of the variety of flowers available. As well as having a wide range of options to choose from, prices are lower when you opt for seasonal flowers. Also think about applying the theme to other parts of your wedding, such as the colors of the accessories you use to decorate the atmosphere of your party. Pergaminho also has examples of wedding invitation nos quais se pode inspirar.

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Spring wedding

This is certainly the season of choice for most brides and grooms. It's no coincidence that spring symbolizes joy and prosperity, where flowers grow and fill the landscapes around us, awakening feelings of love and lightness. For all these reasons, spring is considered by many to be the ideal season to celebrate a union.
If spring is your choice for celebrating your wedding, you should know that it offers many options for decoration. It's also the ideal season to choose floral invitations.
For those who want a more classic wedding, you can take advantage of the most prevalent colors of the time and apply them to the style of your wedding. One suggestion is to use twine and seals on your envelopes.

Fall wedding

Spring and summer are beautiful and cheerful seasons for celebrating your wedding, but the romance and atmosphere of autumn and winter are very suitable for the date, with the exuberant colors and tones of both seasons.
If autumn is your season of choice, your wedding decoration should be based on colors with more neutral and rustic tones, thus referring to a more elegant celebration with a magical and mysterious touch. Autumn arrives as a season with warm and romantic features, perfect for celebrating a wedding. In this season, you can also take advantage of the materials at your disposal, as the season's climate blends perfectly with the natural elements and wooden boards. We recommend using a rustic invitation, once again evoking the magic and elegance of this season.
As for the rest of the decoration, you should keep it consistent with your wedding invitation, for example, if you use wooden plaques for your wedding invitation or rustic invitation, think about using the same type of decoration for the rest of your wedding props.

Winter wedding

Finally, there are winter weddings, which, although they may not seem like it, have many advantages. The first is that winter days and nights are enchanting, so if you're dreaming of an outdoor wedding and you like this season, you don't need to rule out this option during the winter, you just need to pay attention to the weather. Another advantage is that demand for weddings in winter is lower than in other seasons, so you can negotiate better with suppliers and invest in more details.
Winter decor is associated with more classic and rustic styles, so make good use of the materials you have at your disposal, as well as the predominant colors of the season.
Take advantage of the rest of the decoration as a way of guaranteeing a good atmosphere for your guests and making it warmer and more welcoming by opting for candles and wedding invitations on wooden plaques.

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