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Acrylic Invitations: Trend 2022/2023

The invitation is one of the most important parts of any event, whether it's a christening invitation or a wedding invitation, as it's the first contact you have with your guests. In this article we're going to talk about acrylic invitations and how they're the trend for 2022/2023.

Acrylic Wedding Invitations

If you're still looking for a perfect wedding invitation for you, acrylic is the ideal option. It can be personalized in various styles, with typographic and minimalist styles being the most suitable for couples looking to convey their love story in an elegant, unique and special way. Once you've finalized your invitation, don't limit yourself to a simple envelope. If you want an example of a wedding invitation, we have the perfect suggestion. You should use twine and seals, making your invitation unique and elegant.

Acrylic Christening Invitations

This is a great suggestion for a christening invitation like the ones designed for Ariel and Santi's christening. It was created in a minimal style, featuring hand-drawn calligraphy, and designed for a sunny day by the sea.
In this invitation, we explored the potential and combination of different typefaces printed on acrylic and bet on the versatility of this material. The acrylic allowed the invitation to become a unique piece that can be kept as a souvenir, or even as a decoration for the home of this beautiful family that Liliana Filipa and Daniel Gregório have built.


What is an Acrylic Invitation?

The acrylic invitation is a transparent piece that simulates glass, giving it a resistant character. This invitation creates an interesting play of light, transparency and color, highlighting the minimalism and elegance of this christening invitation. In addition, the acrylic invitation makes it possible to highlight the typography used through precise, high-quality printing.

What is the best print for acrylic invitations?

In order for the acrylic invitation to convey the image and information of the happiest day of your lives, we use white and color printing to make your invitation easy to read. The UV printing method we use is high quality and durable, as well as being environmentally friendly. This method is the fastest and its print remains better defined, making the colors on the acrylic more intense and highlighting the typography used.

Which styles best suit acrylic invitations

To personalize an acrylic invitation, we suggest you opt for a minimal, typographic style. We believe that the design of the acrylic piece deserves a simpler typography and style, so you can highlight the elegant piece it represents.
On the other hand, floral invitations are in vogue, and this is a great way to make your invitation more nature-themed.
This invitation can and should be put on display at a later date, without too much difficulty, as it's a sturdy and elegant piece that doesn't deserve to be kept in a drawer. This will undoubtedly be the perfect souvenir of the wedding or christening.

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