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How to personalize your wedding invitation

Wedding invitations are one of the most important elements of your big day. Even though they may initially seem less important, their role of inviting all the people who will be attending your wedding and informing them of all the details of your wedding is vital.
A personalized wedding invitation is ideal for making your wedding day special and unique.

O Estilo

Your wedding invitation should be in keeping with the defined theme for the wedding ceremony and the decoration of the wedding reception so that everything is a perfect match. But remember that there are many styles to choose from, depending on the couple's personality. With a specific theme in mind, from the most classic to the most bohemian, start developing the style of your wedding, as this will define the style of your wedding invitations.

O Design

The invitation design will be one of the elements that will greatly influence your wedding, from this design all the other supports of the wedding stationary will be developed, in addition the design will also influence the atmosphere of your wedding, it can be more classic, more relaxed or even more elegant, the important thing is that it is in accordance with your relationship and personality.

The Paper

Touch is one of the most acute senses we have, so the paper you choose for your wedding invitation will certainly make all the difference, it will be the element that defines whether your wedding invitation will be more luxurious or simpler. Think about what you want your guests to feel when they hold your wedding invitation. That's the role of the paper, as well as being responsible for the durability of your invitation. As we all know, the invitation is one of the best souvenirs you'll take away from your wedding, so make that choice after doing some research.


Color is especially important because it plays a leading role in invitations. Your style and design will be influenced by the color you choose. Colors are often associated with themes, situations, philosophies of life or places. Also consider seasons that are particularly relevant, where color becomes the essence of the invitation and gives your invitation a stronger personality.

The Finishes

There are lots of options when it comes to the finishing touches, you can choose to use accessories and designs that are directly related to the style of your wedding. Pay special attention to envelopes as a complement to enhance the design of the invitation, a good envelope can make all the difference to your invitation and help make it a great souvenir for you and your guests.

The Personal Touch

Give it your personal touch - it's not a touch that will define your invitation, but a unique detail from the couple that has to do with their personality, their lifestyle and their experiences. Nowadays, photographs are the most popular elements, but personalized messages from the couple that depart from protocol also stand out.

Joana Mendes

The wedding is one of the most important moments and as such deserves all the effort and dedication. If you still have doubts and need help, contact us, schedule a meeting so I can help you.

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