How to Choose the Style of My Wedding Invitation

of the wedding by using contrasting colours on invitations, envelopes, menus, place markers, etc.

There are a variety of styles of wedding invitations, from a simple design with small details that delight the eye to something more decorated and adorned with flowers or another theme to suit each client's taste. And it's very important to keep harmony, rigour and creativity alive in each piece. Starting with the invitation and ending with the rest of the stationary, such as table markers, missals or souvenirs. Wedding stationery styles can be divided into the following categories: . Defining and organising styles allows you to define the type of invitation the bride and groom have in mind and helps them to tell their love story as they intended.

The possibilities are endless and this is what excites Pergaminho the most. In terms of visual style, these pieces can be very detailed, something like an artist's sketch or something very simple and stylised, characterised by a line that runs through them and gives them life and colour. Each of these examples can be represented using various techniques.


The choice always depends on what you identify with. There are manual techniques, from watercolour to charcoal, acrylic, ink and pen. However, there can also be a combination of manual techniques and the use of computer programme tools. And of course, a completely digital illustration can be created using a mouse and keyboard and without a pencil in sight. In this follow-up, we'll demystify the creative styles and their characteristics so that the reader can better understand them and perhaps, in the future, become a Pergaminho client.


We start with the style that necessarily contains flowers or leaves that appear on the invitation as a detail, a decorative frame or a central and more prominent illustration. Here, too, there are many ways to create a piece with a floral register, making it innovative, and for this we recommend care and imagination.


We continue with the style that is clearly perceptible by the watercolours present throughout the invitation or stationary. In this style, the illustrations must be adapted and combined with the graphic style of the stationary. For example, a watercolour of a simple ink blot, or a watercolour of flowers or a landscape must be transformed to suit the invitation expected by the bride and groom.


Moving on to the other techniques, we'd like to highlight the style characterised by a piece with few elements, little text and perhaps a simplified illustration that may or may not be a small note. In this style, the paper background or any other material you choose is very prominent and will be very important in making the piece more impactful.


Then comes the style in which typography is the protagonist and can be more elaborate or minimalist. The focus of this style is to make the chosen typography and calligraphy the most coveted element of all the pieces.


Next, we highlight the Photographic style which, as the name suggests, is characterised by the presence of one or more photographs, depending on the wishes of the bride and groom. In these pieces, there is a greater exposure of their lives and their intimacy. It is necessary to find a visual style that suits the photographic record and the personality and tastes of the bride and groom, something that Pergaminho loves to do.


To be sure, we should mention the Geometric style, in which decorative elements or simple shapes always have a geometric character and mark out the stationery pieces, always visible on a large scale or in quantity, making the design rich, luxurious and even fun.


Almost at the end of the day, we present the style made up of more organic or rigid patterns, which can be formed by random shapes or specific things that live in nature or are part of our daily lives. It's a style that allows you to play with different formats and create interesting connections.


Finally, here's to style. This is defined by an unusual and rare theme, such as a 1950s-style wedding or one inspired by a moment shared by the bride and groom. It's a style of very personalised and personal illustrations and graphics. For example, a Gossip Girl invitation with illustrations of the bride and groom in a typical New York setting or an invitation that looks like it's straight out of a vampire tale. This concludes a small demonstration of what you can create and tell your guests about your love and your very special day.

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