Quinta da Eira, Bustelo - Maio, 2021
Convite de casamento de estilo ilustrativo branco com ilustração feita a mão frente e verso
Convite de casamento de estilo ilustrativo branco com ilustração feita a mão e envelope verde
Vários convites de estilo ilustrativo branco com ilustração feita a mão

Joana Mendes

The wedding is one of the most important moments and as such deserves all the effort and dedication.

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The trend is increasingly to personalize the wedding party. The idea is that your party doesn't look like any other you've seen online or even attended, like the party of friends or family. The essential thing is that your personality and personal touch are felt in every detail. If you like the idea and want to have a different and unique wedding, you'll need to plan and look for solutions to make it so, and the best place to start is at the beginning: the invitation! Make sure the wedding invitation is faithful to the style of the party you want to celebrate. If you're going for a personal style of decoration, it's important that your wedding invitation reflects this in every detail. Here's some good inspiration, a wedding invitation characterized by our couple's road trips and their passion for their station wagon, which will be present on their wedding day. Our stationary is defined by the alternative wedding invitation personalized in detail by the graffiti illustration of the bread loaf van and details of nature, beaches and mountains that marked their travels. It's a minimalist wedding invitation where the illustration has a greater impact and is accompanied by a detailed serif typeface. The ideal style of wedding invitation for adventurous couples who enjoy a simple lifestyle and want their story and personality to shine through in their wedding party.
Design styleInvitations with Illustration
Type of paperArtistic
EnvelopePop Catus Green
ExtrasWhite sticker