Quinta dos Carvalhos, Aveiro ― Junho, 2021

Convite de casamento e marcador de mesa de estilo aguarela brancos com uma pincelada amarela e envelope preto
Marcador de lugar de casamento branco com uma pincelada de aguarela amarela
Marcadores de mesa de casamento de estilo aguarela brancos e com um pincelada amarela
Estacionário de casamento de estilo aguarela com suportes brancos com uma pincelada de aguarela amarela e envelope preto

Joana Mendes

The wedding is one of the most important moments and as such deserves all the effort and dedication. If you still have doubts and need help, contact us, schedule a meeting so I can help you.
When it comes to choosing your wedding invitation, it's normal to be indecisive, as the invitation will be the first impression of your wedding and it's important that it reflects your relationship and your tastes as a couple, such as the watercolor style of wedding invitations, which, as well as being delicate and personalized, give off an artistic, sophisticated air full of personality. It is through watercolor illustrations that the bride and groom convey their feelings and their essence as a couple to their guests. One watercolor illustration is never the same as another, just like couples and the most important day of their lives. One of the advantages of this style is that watercolor can be used on a wide variety of media, making its presence felt in every corner of the wedding. It's important to maintain harmony between the illustration and all the details, always reflecting the couple's personality. This was the case with Marta and David, who opted for a watercolor style, resulting in a modern and avant-garde stationary portrait of the sun and the positive energy it transmits.A vertical brushstroke that glides across the paper and marks its presence. This stationary reflects a bold taste for something that doesn't follow the pattern and says "this is us, full of life and no restrictions" using hand-painted yellow watercolor, simple typography and full of identity and authenticity. For this wedding, we developed a wedding stationary including a seating plan focused on overlapping and strong typography that contrasts with the yellow watercolor, creating a balance of strengths and contrasts.
Design styleModern invitations
EnvelopePop Black
ExtrasLow-relief printing