Inês & Nino

Mar d’Sal, Estoril - Maio 2023

Joana Mendes

The wedding is one of the most important moments of your life and, as such, deserves all the effort and dedication.

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The Engagement Party of influencer Inês Brusselmans and her fiancé Nino Évora was a truly spectacular and memorable celebration. This event was planned down to the last detail to ensure that every guest felt special and welcome. Right at the entrance to the party, three welcome signs were carefully arranged, welcoming everyone present. These signs not only guided guests to the venue, but also set the tone for the party - elegant, sophisticated and full of love. In addition, a "seating plan" was drawn up with the distribution of the guests among the tables. This meticulous organization allowed everyone to easily find their seats and enjoy a worry-free evening. The paper menus were an additional highlight of the party. Each one was personalized with the name of each guest, applied with an eyelet to the menu, making each place at the table unique and special. This attention to detail showed the care and consideration Inês and Nino have for each person who accompanies them on this journey of love. The white acrylic table markers added a touch of elegance and modernity to the decor. Each marker indicated the table number in a clear and sophisticated way, making it easy for guests to find their way around. The special invitations designed for the bridesmaids, groomsmen and best man were true works of art.Each invitation was an expression of gratitude and appreciation for the importance of these people in Ines and Nino's lives. Through these invitations, they conveyed the emotion and joy of sharing this very special moment.
Foi um dia verdadeiramente inesquecível, marcado por amor e celebração.

Design style Minimal
Type of material Cotton paper and acrylic