How to organize a wedding in 12 months.


The time is coming to take the big step, your wedding. Once you've made the important decision to get married, you need to set your sights on organising your wedding day so that it's as perfect as you've always dreamed.


The most important thing, from the outset, is to think that all the effort invested will pay off, in the sense of making the most important day of your lives even more special and unique, in keeping with your style and personality, both as a couple and individually.
Here you'll find all the tips you'll need for wedding organisation: a step-by-step list of all the tasks you'll need to organise during the countdown to the most important day, the wedding day!



No two weddings are ever celebrated in the same way, so at an early stage the couple must decide on the style that will define their wedding. This is an intimate and very important decision, which will influence all the paths that will be travelled until the day of the wedding vows.

You should start by deciding whether the ceremony will be religious or civil and what procedures will need to be carried out. Once you've made your choice, it's time to set the wedding date.


With the date already set and the type of wedding defined, one of the first tasks is to create the guest list, as this will help you choose the best venue for the ceremony.



Do you want to have a traditional, modern or even romantic wedding? Tastes are not debatable, there are no rules or labels to follow. As this is your day, you have complete freedom to idealise a wedding that is totally to your taste and that best suits your style. And you're wondering how I can achieve a more authentic wedding? The most authentic wedding is one that reflects the essence of the couple in every detail.

The beauty of the wedding is one of the priorities for the bride and groom, as this decision will directly influence all the services related to the theme. Consider your tastes so that you can define precisely the type of wedding you want.



This can be one of the most important aspects and one that is decided by the couple, as only you know and can decide how much you can spend on your wedding. As the wedding is one of the most important moments in the lives of the bride and groom, it's advisable that at this stage the budget is defined and divided up for each expense so as not to encounter any mishaps along the way. Draw up a list of services and a spending limit for each of them to simplify the search and optimise your efforts.

Agenda da noiva com paginas brancas, argolas douradas e capa cor de rosa


Agenda da noiva cor de roza com palavras em foil dourado e fita branca

Agenda da noiva cor de rosa com palavras em foil dourado e fita branca

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Bride's diary


The bride's diary

Made up of more than 100 pages divided into categories using tabs, this is the planner that will be your guide to organising the perfect wedding, also known as the bride's diary. Compact and practical, it's easy to carry in your suitcase when preparing for your wedding.


Depending on the style of your wedding, research the most appropriate venues for your wedding party. It's important to know how many people the venue has capacity for and whether it meets your expectations. Make visits and understand what each venue has to offer. If the ceremony will take place in a church or in a different setting to the engagement party, consider the distance between the two venues and indicate directions and the best way for guests to get around. This information should be clear and objective in your wedding invitation.

At this point, the bride and groom also have to decide what kind of banquet they want to offer: a more informal style, namely a cocktail, finger food or buffet; or a more traditional style, i.e. the seated banquet. The seated banquet can choose to have a seating plan, que facilitará aos convidados encontrar mais facilmente a sua mesa, evitando confusão nessa hora da festa de casamento.




At times they can go unnoticed, but decoration and flowers play a fundamental role in your wedding day, the whole atmosphere is built up by small details that will make the day magical and unforgettable. To ensure that all your decorations are in order, remember to decorate the five main areas: the ceremony area, the aperitif area, the photocall, the table decorations and the lounges.

The best way not to go over budget and ensure that the flowers you choose are up to the job is to opt for seasonal flowers, as they are easier to preserve and more affordable.



Sometimes budgets can be scary, but this is one of the moments when you shouldn't be afraid to spend. A good photographer makes all the difference to the quality of the photographs on the day of the wedding party, these will be the best memories of your lives and in fact will be the only way you'll have to record everything that happens on your dream day.

Each photographer has their own personal brand, so you should look at several portfolios and choose the one that best suits your wedding.

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Music is all about feelings, emotions and memories. The wedding day, too. Many people invest in their weddings by prioritising what they will feel and looking for the best way to mark this day not only in the lives of the bride and groom, but also of the guests. This very important element is present at three moments: the ceremony, dinner and during the party. That's why the music should be chosen calmly and in accordance with the relationship and the stories that the bride and groom have lived.




When choosing a dress, it's important to take into account the colour and cut. Before trying it on, take a look at several dresses to get an idea of the ones you like best. Once you have the dresses of your choice you should try them on, but don't take too many people to the dress fittings, it's important to have opinions, but the final decision is yours and you should listen to your heart. It's important that you're both comfortable on your wedding day, so try it on, move around and see if the dress is comfortable, and if you can't find a dress that feels right, consider having a custom-made dress made.



If you haven't found your ideal honeymoon destination yet, take inspiration from the places you both want to see. Usually couples take advantage of their honeymoon to visit paradisiacal destinations that they have always wanted to visit. From the beach to the mountains and from the countryside to the city, these are some of the most popular honeymoon destinations.

Para que a escolha não seja um problema foque-se no orçamento, no clima do destino e nos vossos gostos.



Your wedding day will be thought out in detail and with a lot of love, and for all the details to be in harmony, you must adopt a coherent visual style in all the stationery, keeping the wedding theme alive.

Stationery is all the communication elements of your day, from invitations to menus, thank you cards, table markers, place markers, seating plans, welcome signs, honour books, etc.

Be creative, if you need help, you can count on Pergaminho in this area of our business.




The wedding day is a unique day, so think about the car of your dreams, a classic car, a sports car or even a more antique touch like a coach, these are all perfect options to be your car on your wedding day, listen to your dreams and don't hesitate.

®Daniel Ribeiro


Start by researching various models, as the rings will be worn for many years, so your choice is important. Once you know which model appeals to you the most, you need to choose the materials. Usually the rings are made of yellow gold, but there are other options. Try on the rings to adjust the measurements and to be 100% sure that they are comfortable. Finally, make the decision you like best and buy the rings.



Firstly, it's important to get to know all the options available to you. Only then will you be able to assess which ones best suit your taste and other details of your wedding. There are many details involved in the bouquet: style, size and colour are the main ones, but the most important thing is that the bouquet suits your personality and the style of your wedding.



Who doesn't like to take advantage of beauty treatments to make themselves feel good? There's no doubt that beauty treatments are essential to making you feel complete, and on this day that's entirely the point, so take a few days before the wedding preparations and enjoy them.




The details make all the difference, so don't let them go unnoticed, prepare your nails, check your dress so that it's completely ready for the big day and prepare all your accessories so that nothing goes wrong. Finally, make sure your suitcases for the honeymoon are ready.



The wedding day has arrived, all the preparations and all the investment made are about to pay off and make this important day unforgettable. Your nerves will be uncontrollable and at that moment, you don't even have to be in front of the altar to feel the lump in your throat or the chill in your stomach, but try to keep calm and enjoy the preparations, talk to your friends or call your fiancé and share all the emotions you're feeling at that moment. Even if everything doesn't go according to plan, don't worry, unforeseen events happen and it's these that also make the day more unique and authentic. Translated with (free version)

It's time to say "I do", so make the most of this special day.

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To organize a perfect wedding in 12 months, you can count on the support of our wedding planner which will be your guide to organizing your dream day, is also known as the bride's diary.

Esta schedule will accompany you at all times and contains enough space to write down all the information you need, notes, ideas, dreams and even the budgets you've requested so that you can make the right choice in a simple and organized way.

See more here.


Agenda da noiva cor de roza com palavras em foil dourado e fita branca

Agenda da noiva cor de rosa com palavras em foil dourado e fita branca

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Add "Bride's diary" to your basket

Bride's diary


The bride's diary

Consisting of more than 100 pages divided into categories using tabs, this is the planner which will be your guide to organising the perfect wedding, is also commonly known as the bride's diary. Compact and practical, it's easy to carry in your suitcase when preparing for your wedding.

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The wedding is one of the most important moments and as such deserves all the effort and dedication.
If you still have doubts and need help, contact us, schedule a meeting so I can help you.


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