Mafalda & Pedro

Quinta da Quintã - Aveiro — Junho, 2023

Joana Mendes

The wedding is one of the most important moments of your life and, as such, deserves all the effort and dedication.

If you still have questions and need help, please contact us. I'm happy to help.

This wedding invitation has an elegant and modern design, printed on transparent acrylic. The typographic style chosen by the bride and groom for the invitation reinforces the exaltation of the most memorable day of this couple's life.
The colors white and gold are used in the printing, creating a classic, elegant and timeless look. The beige envelope is closed with a blue fabric ribbon and gold seal.
The monogram print on the inside of the envelope adds a personal and unique touch to this invitation.
The monogram is the most prominent element of this invitation and is the perfect choice for refined and elegant weddings.

Design style Acrylic invitations
Type of material Acrylic
Envelope Envelope with printing on the inside
Extras Gold foil, fabric ribbon and gold seal