Elsa & Ricardo

Quinta de Segade, Penafiel — Setembro, 2022

Joana Mendes

The wedding is one of the most important moments of your life and, as such, deserves all the effort and dedication.

If you still have questions and need help, please contact us. I'm happy to help.

Wedding invitations using illustrations are a lovely option for a wedding with a classic, rustic style.
The illustration of the church and the farm attached to the invitation with a green fabric ribbon adds a personalized and special touch to the invitations and also serves as a very special souvenir for the guests.
The handmade paper used to produce the invitations adds a rustic and authentic touch.
The envelopes were individually personalized with an old stamp collection and the name of each guest.
To close the envelope, we used a gold seal, which creates a classic and elegant look.
The use of velvet coverings on the rest of the wedding stationery maintains the elegance of the pieces and perfectly matches the style chosen by the bride and groom, for example on the groomsmen's invitation box, the ring box and the book of honor.

Design styleClassic invitations
Type of paperHandmade paper
EnvelopeHandmade paper with printing on the outside
ExtrasStamp collection, gold seal